The Centre for Radiochemistry Research is home to many different research groups, conducting a broad spectrum of world‑leading activities.

Our activities range from fundamental coordination and organometallic chemistry to the study of colloids, immobilised glasses and concrete materials, and to challenges in nuclear waste management and its environmental impact. The centre houses 23 fume hoods in ~4,300 sq. ft. of space behind a radiological barrier. Glove box facilities are complemented by a full range of in-house structural, spectroscopic, magnetic, and computational characterisation techniques. In addition to uranium and thorium, the CRR offers its researchers the opportunity to work with neptunium, plutonium, americium and technetium.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the UK centre of excellence for pioneering, world‑leading radiochemistry research, to educate and train future generations of radiochemists, and to improve public understanding of our fascinating and important research programmes.


The CRR facilitates and supports activities across the full range of radiochemical research, both within the University of Manchester and more widely. Its principal research themes are:

  • coordination/organometallic chemistry (aqueous and non-aqueous)
  • spectroscopy (Raman, luminescence, fluorescence, XAS)
  • magnetism
  • computation
  • molecular materials precursors
  • environmental analytical radiochemistry
  • nuclear forensics
  • nuclear decommissioning
  • nanoparticles/colloids
  • speciation/mobility in the environment
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