The CRR houses an extensive range of equipment for radiochemistry research spanning environmental speciation, analytical science, coordination chemistry, nuclear forensics and decommissioning.

The following equipment is located behind the radiological barrier:

Spectroscopic equipment

  • Absorption spectroscopy: UV-Vis-niR – Shimadzu UV1800 UV-spectrophotometer (200 – 1800 nm)
  • Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy: Perkin Elmer Spectrum RX1 spectrometer with an ATR attachment
  • Raman spectroscopy: Horiba XploRA PLUS V1.2 Å MULTILINE confocal Raman microscope
 with 532 nm, 638 nm and 785 nm solid state lasers
  • NMR spectroscopy: Bruker Avance 400 MHz spectrometer with a multinuclear BBO probe, variable temperature unit and automation
  • Luminescence spectroscopy: Edinburgh Instrument FP920 phosphorescence lifetime spectrometer
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy: Upright fluorescence microscope, Leica microsystems DM2700 M
  • Autoradiography: Typhoon 9410 variable mode imager with BAS-IP MS storage phosphor screens

Quantification of radionuclides

Alpha and Beta

  • 6 x Alpha Passivated Implanted Planar Silicon (PIPS®) detectors: Canberra, model A450


  • High performance gamma ray detector: ORTEC HPGe gamma ray detector (Möbius recycler)
  • Canberra low energy HPGe gamma ray detector
  • Canberra coaxial HPGe gamma ray detector

Liquid scintillation counting

  • Liquid scintillation spectrometer (alpha and beta): Quantulus ultra low level liquid scintillation counter 
  • Liquid scintillation spectrometer (alpha, beta and gamma): Packard Tri-Carb 1900 TR liquid scintillation counter

Glove boxes

  • Various perspex glove boxes (N2, Ar, or CO2 free O2 atmospheres)
  • Negative atmosphere glove box facilities for 237Np work


  • Field Flow Fractionation, particle separation analyser: Postnova AF2000 Focus field flow fractionater


Outside of the CRR radiological barrier, we also have access to:

General uranium and thorium chemistry laboratories

General synthetic chemistry capabilities (inorganic and organic), plus:

  • Multiple Schlenk line apparatus for air sensitive manipulations (ground glass and Teflon taps)
  • Solvent distillation apparatus
  • Sublimation apparatus
  • 3 x inert atmosphere positive pressure glove boxes, Innovative Technologies, argon or nitrogen (2 gloves each) with integrated -35 degrees Celsius freezer
  • Photolysis equipment: including broad band medium pressure Hg lamp and visible filter with 400W and 600W settings for small scale photolysis experiments
  • Cyclic voltammetry equipment (Metrohm microAutolab3)

as well as other

School of Chemistry facilities:

  • Single crystal X-Ray diffraction (U, Th, Np)
  • Elemental analysis (U and Th only)
  • Solvent drying column purification system (Innovative Technologies)

Photon Science Institute facilities:

  • National EPR service (U and Th only)
  • Magnetic measurements: Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (U and Th only)
  • Ultra-fast laser lab, UF-2 (U, Th and Np)
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