The CRR is led by co-Directors Professor Steve Liddle and Professor Nik Kaltsoyannis, and also hosts Professor Francis Livens, Professor Melissa Denecke, Dr Louise Natrajan, Dr Gareth Law and Dr David Mills. It has a dedicated administrator (Ms Lauren Vandewalle) and technician (Mrs Katie Law), and additional Chemistry technical support.

Core staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Melissa Denecke Scientific Director of the Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-64302/64507 Pariser Building - FLOOR G. 
Prof Nikolas Kaltsoyannis Head, School of Chemistry and co-Director, Centre for Radiochemistry Research 0161-2754692 Chemistry Building - 2.30 
Prof Steve Liddle Professor and Head of Inorganic Chemistry and Co-Director of the Centre for Radiochemistry Research 0161-2754612 Chemistry Building - 2.26 
Prof Francis Livens Interim Director, Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-2754325 Pariser Building - FLOOR G 
Dr David Mills Senior Lecturer 0161-2754606 Chemistry Building - 5.57 
Dr Louise Natrajan Reader 0161-2751426 Chemistry Building - 4.02E 
Miss Lauren Vandewalle Research Support Officer Chemistry Building 

Associated staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Sarah Heath Professor of Nuclear Chemistry 0161-2754545 Pariser Building - DALTON NI G FLOOR 
Prof Jonathan Lloyd Professor of Geomicrobiology 0161-2757155 Williamson Building 
Prof Katherine Morris BNFL Research Chair in Geological Disposal. 0161-2757541 Williamson Building - G35 
Dr Clint Sharrad Senior Lecturer 0161-2754657 The Mill - C40 
Prof Sam Shaw Professor of Environmental Mineralogy 0161-2753826 Williamson Building - G23 
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